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Transforming Absorbent Manufacturing: Sellars’ Journey with VivaCommerce B2B Edition

Transforming Absorbent Manufacturing: Sellars’ Journey with VivaCommerce B2B Edition
Transforming Absorbent Manufacturing: Sellars’ Journey with VivaCommerce B2B Edition
Improved Performance and Scalability

Improved Performance and Scalability

Enhanced Checkout Experience

Enhanced Checkout Experience

Streamlined Business Processes

Streamlined Business Processes

Sellars Absorbent Materials Inc.

A leading manufacturer of high-quality absorbent products, including wipes, mats, socks, and spill kits. Sellars products are used across a variety of industries, such as industrial, automotive, and janitorial sectors, for effective spill control and clean-up.


Sellars attempted to implement a B2B eCommerce platform twice with limited success in the past to streamline the distributor checkout experience and increase efficiencies for their sales, marketing, customer service, and operation teams. In the middle of a BigCommerce B2B Edition implementation, Sellars recognized a need to enhance their understanding and integration of the existing custom checkout code and Azure functions, which presented a unique challenge due to its complexity and the need for thorough documentation. Sellars also faced challenges with high latency and poor performance of their current cloud functions that hindered data transfer between systems.


Sellars partnered with VivaCommerce to build a robust foundation to accelerate innovation, customer eCommerce adoption, and overall digital transformation. Leveraging Viva’s domain expertise and manufacturing specialization, we conducted technical discovery and scoping to build a roadmap to implement BigCommerce B2B Edition while adhering to API best practices and addressing Cloud operations to improve performance and the overall customer experience.

Solutions Delivered

  • Custom Checkout Solution: We developed a custom checkout solution using the newly released checkout extensions, integrating dynamic front-end components and order metafields.
  • Azure Functions Integration: Built and integrated Azure functions and endpoints for cart metafields, optimizing performance by upgrading to a better plan, enabling the always-on flag, and multi-region support.
  • Secure Hosting: Hosted the checkout extension on Sellars’ Azure instance for better control and security.
  • Testing and Training: Conducted extensive testing, training, and documentation sessions for a seamless transition to the new solution.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Added features like saving user configurations and refining order confirmation page details to enhance the user experience.
  • Secure Connections: Ensured secure connections between the Azure function app, database, and BigCommerce.

“It’s been incredible the amount of work we’ve done and what we’ve achieved in the first 3 months of our partnership. We couldn’t have done it without VivaCommerce.”

– Jacob Jones, VP – IT, Sellars Absorbent Materials Inc.




Use case

B2B Advisory, B2B Payments, Other B2B Adjacent Tech