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Leading Supply Chain Company Improves Operational Efficiency with VivaCommerce

Leading Supply Chain Company Improves Operational Efficiency with VivaCommerce
Leading Supply Chain Company Improves Operational Efficiency with VivaCommerce
cost reduction

cost reduction

improved scalability

improved scalability

operational efficiency

operational efficiency


As a leading supply chain and logistics company, our client faced significant hurdles with their existing systems. The infrastructure in place proved inadequate for the demands of their growing operations, manifesting primarily in two critical areas: the inability to handle large data loads and the lack of scalability as the business expanded. These limitations led to frequent and prolonged system downtime, which not only disrupted day-to-day operations but also detrimentally impacted customer satisfaction levels. With the competitive landscape constantly evolving, it became imperative for our client to address these challenges urgently, ensuring their systems could sustainably support their business growth while maintaining operational excellence.


To overcome the multifaceted challenges posed by their existing systems, our client embarked on a strategic partnership with VivaCommerce to implement a comprehensive solution. The first step in this transformative journey involved the migration of their Data Platform to the cloud, a pivotal move that provided unparalleled flexibility and scalability to manage the burgeoning volumes of data efficiently. Concurrently, the client opted to retire their legacy systems, characterized by their limited functionality, in favor of adopting best-of-breed systems that promised optimal performance across all operational domains. Building upon this foundation, the collaborative effort culminated in the adoption of a composable, microservice-based architecture, meticulously designed to ensure not only superior scalability but also enhanced adaptability to the evolving needs of the business landscape. This holistic approach was aimed at not merely addressing the immediate pain points but also future-proofing the client’s systems to remain agile and resilient amidst the dynamic market forces.


“VivaCommere has a particularly exceptional capability around advisory. They came in and helped us better understand our current state of affairs. They made some clear recommendations with regard to our eCommerce roadmap, and I’m looking forward to partnering with the VivaCommerce team for many years to come.”

Greg Kay – Director of Sales & Marketing

Key Results

  • Cost Reduction: The implementation led to a decrease in costs related to system maintenance and downtime, enhancing overall operational efficiency.
  • Improved Scalability: Adoption of microservices and a composable architecture enabled the client to handle increasing data loads seamlessly, ensuring better scalability and adaptability to business growth.
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: With a more streamlined platform, the client significantly reduced time spent on issue troubleshooting and downtime resolution, allowing for a greater focus on core business activities.

Automotive, Distribution, Manufacturing

Use case

B2B Advisory, Other B2B Adjacent Tech


Increased Awareness on B2B Channel to Market, Increased Awareness on Opportunities/Strategies within B2B eCommerce

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